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How Can I Accept Credit Card Payments?

Accepting credit card payments is essential for your business. Fewer consumers pay with cash and checks than ever before, so if your business isn’t setup to accept credit cards, you can be sure you’re missing out on a huge number of sales opportunities. Many customers come to us with a basic question…How Can I Accept Credit Card Payments?

Thankfully, Rafter J Merchant Services offers the credit card processing services you need to start accepting all types of credit cards and debit cards for your business. We make payment processing simple and affordable, because you have more important things to worry about, like growing your business.

A Range of Credit Card Processing Solutions for Your Business

Rafter J Merchant Services offers a full line of credit card processing services, solutions, and products for every type of business. We can help you accept all types of credit cards and debit cards anywhere you need to accept them.

Our services and products include:

Our full range of payment processing services will get you setup to quickly, easily, securely, and affordably accept more credit cards and do more business.

We offer credit card processing services for businesses of every type, including restaurants, clothing stores, gift shops, gas stations, e-Commerce businesses, and any other type of business you can think of. If you need to accept credit cards and debit cards, count on Rafter J Merchant Services to have the right solution for your business.

Accept All Types of Credit Cards

With Rafter J Merchant Services, you’ll be able to securely and quickly process all types of credit cards and debit cards. You can accept:

We offer low rates, the latest credit card processing technology, excellent security, and a level of personal service that most others simply can’t match. As a Rafter J Merchant Services customer, you can rest easy knowing our experienced and knowledgeable team is always in your corner to help your business grow with the best payment processing solutions available today.

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