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Tabbedout Merchant FAQ

TabbedOut Harbortouch


How does it work?

When the customer opens a tab on their smartphone, their name and payment information are securely transferred directly to the POS terminal and a ticket is opened, returning a unique code to the customer’s phone and the POS. The customer will show the code to their server when ordering. Once the order is placed, the server or bartender can claim the Tabbedout ticket on the POS system and then modify the ticket like a normal order. The customer can view and pay their tab at any time from within the app.

Tabbedout Periscope is a mobile-friendly web application provided to the general manager that collects detailed customer information and provides two-way communication with the customer. This is possible due to Tabbedout’s complete integration into Harbortouch.

How much does Tabbedout cost my customers?

Nothing—it’s free to your customers to download AND to use! Your customers will see a pending pre-authorization charge on their bank statement, which will never post. This pre-authorization is to protect you against fraudulent activity!

How do I activate my Tabbedout and Periscope account?

In Lighthouse, follow the prompts to access Tabbedout training videos, Periscope, and to start sending Periscope campaigns. You will access Periscope through Lighthouse using your Lighthouse credentials.

What am I billed for running Periscope campaigns?

There are two costs associated with running a campaign: campaign fees and conversion fees. The campaign fee for the first campaign each month is waived. Any additional campaigns in a given month will incur a $9.99 fee. Additionally, the conversion fee equals 25% of the discount redeemed during the campaign. For example, if you offer a $10 discount, a conversion fee of $2.50 will apply each time a customer redeems that discount. These fees will be added to your monthly billing statements.

Do I get charged for sending a Feedback Offer?

No. You will not be charged a campaign fee for sending a response Offer to one of your users for their feedback. You will, however, be charged the conversion fee if the consumer redeems the Offer.


Do I have to remember the code?

Once you select the code for the ticket on your POS system, the rest of the process is the same as usual. Bartenders can pick up checks by name and servers can update checks by table, as needed.

Will my customers still tip me as much?

Tabbedout allows your management to set a minimum tip percentage (which the customer can increase). In fact, the customer cannot leave less than the minimum tip in the app, so you will always get paid! Remember, with Tabbedout you spend more time serving food and drinks and getting to know your customers, and less time processing credit cards. This means more tips for you.

Where can I find my tips?

Your tips can be found in your server reports and the back oce reports. If you ever have a problem finding your Tabbedout tips, call technical support immediately.

What if the customer’s phone dies or what if he forgets to close out?

Since Tabbedout passes the payment information to the POS up front, you are protected from walked tabs, dead phones and other technical issues. The merchant is able to manually add a tip and close the ticket from within the POS using the credit card on file.

How is my Periscope customer list generated?

Any time a customer comes into your bar or restaurant and uses Tabbedout, they are automatically added to your customer list. This means the more people you get to use Tabbedout, the more reach you have when starting a campaign.

How do I start a campaign?

From the Periscope dashboard, click “Customers” at the top. Your customer list screen will allow you to select di‑erent filters. Select the customers to whom you would like to send an Offer and click “Send Offer” at the bottom of the screen. You are then given the option to edit the message that goes out to your customer and choose the Offer Amount and Minimum Tab Required. Click “Send”.

How do I stop a campaign?

From your Periscope Dashboard, click the “Outreach” dollar amount. On the customer outreach screen, click the teal arrow next to “Total Sales”. Click “Disable Offer” below the campaign you would like to stop.

Can I send Offers to customers who have never used Tabbedout at my bar or restaurant?

Currently, you can only send Offers to the customers in your customer list.

What makes a customer New, Repeat, or VIP?

“New” is a customer who has visited your venue only once. “Repeat” is 2 or more visits. “VIP” customers are those who have used Tabbedout at your bar or restaurant 5 times or more.


Am I protected against fraud?

We pre-authorize every credit card to protect you and your venue against fraudulent credit card activity. Remind your customers they will see a pending pre-authorization charge on their bank statement, which will never post to their account. Each location is responsible for running their own additional pre-authorization charges for high check amounts.

What if a credit card is declined at the end of the night?

Declined credit cards happen in any bar and restaurant scenario. If you ever experience a walked tab that is declined during manual closeout, take down every piece of information you can about that tab (code, check amount, time opened) and contact us immediately at We can help you get in touch with that customer and ban them from the app, if necessary.

What security features are in place for my customer’s credit card?

All communications and data are secured with 256-bit AES encryption and are passed directly from the phone to the POS, not stored on any servers. Even if your customer loses their phone, the stored card information is safe. Tabbedout also allows the customer to set a custom passphrase to further secure the payment information.

What if I need help?

If you need technical assistance, please contact Harbortouch Technical Support at or 800-201-0461.

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