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Lobo De Mar Restaurant

When I started my business, I knew that I was going to need a reliable POS system to help my restaurant run smoothly. After taking the time to research many systems, I came across Harbortouch. Everything about the Harbortouch system stood out to me. As soon as I placed my order, I knew that I had made the right decision. The installation and training process was flawless, fast and painless and my sales rep was there to help me every step of the way. It was quite simple to familiarize ourselves with the Harbortouch software. The trainer was very patient with the instructions and carefully went over all the features. The hardware, software and Harbortouch team have been Wonderful to work with and have made this while experience a positive one. I am extremely satisfied with my decision to choose Harbortouch.-Eduardo, Lobo De Mar Restaurant

Moon Dance Wine & Spirits

The Harbortouch system has really increased our ability to handle customers faster and more efficiently. Having everything at my fingertips definitely makes my job easier and saves a lot of time. With Harbortouch, we’re able to spend less time working on daily reports, evaluating inventory and initializing PO’s to vendors. The system handles these functions so we don’t have to do them manually. There are countless features that have been extremely useful. For example, I can keep track of employee hours and see who our best customers are. The system also allows us to easily manage discounts. Overall we are extremely satisfied with the Harbortouch system. It makes my every day work easier and helps our business run more efficiently.-Cindy, Moon Dance Wine & Spirits.

Jake’s Bar & Grill

We’ve been thrilled with Harbortouch. During the installation and training process, they were committed to the job and did what needed to be done in order to get us up and running successfully. I really appreciated the personal interest they seemed to take in our restaurant. Once the system was installed, the employees picked it up quickly and were more proficient in no time. The system is very easy to maneuver so there was very short learning curve. The system has also been very reliable. We’ve been open 7 months now without any problems. They only times we’ve had to call Harbortouch customer support were for small questions and there were always very helpful. Regarding the features and functionality of the system, I’ve used various other POS systems in the past and I can tell you that Harbortouch offers everything they do an more.-Dave, Jake’s Bar & Grill

New World Cafe

The personal attention we’ve received from Harbortouch has been tremendous. Installation and training went smoothly and it was very easy for our employees to familiarize themselves with the software. Once of the features that really stood out to us was the customer information section. This has helped us build an emailing list as well as a mailing list for direct mail purposes, allowing us to keep our customers in the loop regarding in-store promotions. Meanwhile, the reports allow us to keep a close eye on products and labor. The ability to offer gift cards and accept them directly through the Harbortouch system has been another really valuable function. During the holiday, the gift cards turned out to be big sellers. Overall, the Harbortouch system has simplified our operations and given us more time for other things. This entire experience has been very satisfying from the hardware and software to the installation and support.-Dean, New World Cafe

Bandley’s Pit BBQ

The Harbortouch POS system offers so many features that are beneficial for us. The daily reports give a great snapshot of the day’s activity and the other reports offer us the ability to keep track of our money, sales and inventory. This capability has been extremely valuable. On top of that, the lobar features make payroll so much easier. It is wonderful to be able to access reports with just the touch of a button. Personally, it has made my job as office manager a lot easier. I can keep track of a ton of information without all of the extra legwork.-Amy, Bradley’s Pit BBQ
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